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Your Virtual GM

Eden Lovejoy is the founder of the Virtual GM System of business management, a complete resource for building, leading and growing high performing companies. Designed specifically for privately held companies, the Virtual GM System implements a framework for business operations that supports right decision making, accountability and creative contribution from employee teams. From a simple strategy to communicate mission and values to the details of training and process improvement, the Virtual GM system gives business owners the confidence that their team will run the business with excellence even in the owner’s absence.


The Virtual GM System is more than just a theory

A successful business owner in her own right Eden currently owns four successful businesses while having a rich full life with family, hobbies and all around downtime. These companies are all operating with the Virtual GM System today:


Dedicated to leading, training and developing small businesses for over 30 years my heart’s desire is to have a measurable impact on the success of small business everywhere. The mission of the Virtual GM system is:

To transform business through the power of clarity and alignment –
Changing the national statistic on business success.

Ready to transform your business from chaos to clarity?

Discover how Eden’s proven Virtual GM system can make a difference in your business!

Contact us for more details or book a personalized consultation.

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